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Have you recently discovered that you’ve fallen in love with a narcissist? Do you think that it can ever work out? Or, maybe you were once in love with a Narcissist, and you have scars and battle wounds that need to heal....

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    Have you recently discovered that you've fallen in love with a narcissist? Do you think that it can ever work out? Or, maybe you were once in love with a Narcissist, and you have scars and battle wounds that need to heal. Are you exhausted by the emotional roller-coaster, put downs, accusations, and make-up attempt […]
  • Women Need Each Other 08/24/2020
    If you are like the average woman, you have experienced the heartache of having a friend betray you, dump you, or talk behind your back. Or, you may be some of the fortunate few who get to experience true friendship with your bestie!Whatever the case, this episode will explore these types of friendships.#women #friendships #bestfriends […]
    Is it possible that you have ever been in the presence of a killer? What clues could someone who is capable of murder, possibly give off? How can you know if an acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, love interest, or anyone else has the potential to kill? Psychotherapist Kathy White has been in the presence of killers, […]
  • Achieving Connection To Each Other 07/26/2020
    One of the things that all relationships struggle with from time to time, is how to achieve long lasting connection. Co-host and Psychotherapist Kathy White gives an outline of steps you can take to make sure your loved ones feel loved and important to you. In this episode, you will certainly want to take notes. […]
  • Divorce or Not Divorce? That is the Question 07/12/2020
    For anyone out there who may be struggling with deciding whether or not to divorce, this episode may help you to resolve that question. In this episode, Psychotherapist Kathy White gives the key factors in knowing if your marriage is over, or when you should end it and not look back! it worth saving […]
  • How NOT To Screw Up Your 20's 07/12/2020
    Our largest demographic is 20-somethings. We are way past our 20's and decided to do a show based on passing wisdom and experience on to you "20-somethings"! See if you can relate to any of the topics we discuss, from: boyfriend/girlfriend choices, marriage, college and education, money, and choosing your friends wisely. Psychoanalyst Kathy White […]
  • Do You Have Memory Problems? 06/22/2020
    Do you feel uncertainty, or even anxiety because you find yourself forgetting things? Are you afraid to tell anyone, or to seek help? Are you afraid that you have early dementia? What if you are wrong, and the things that you are experiencing are actually due to other circumstances? Expert Psychotherapist Kathy White often has […]
  • How To Stay Safe In An Unsafe World 06/09/2020
    With everything going on in the news lately, we felt that this would be a timely message. In her therapy practice, Kathy White is seeing clients on an unprecedented level who are very afraid right now. Afraid for their safety, and their family's safety. Along with co-host Kristin Clinton, learn some inside tips on how […]
  • How To Deal With Anger 06/01/2020
    Do you ever experience bursts of anger that often surprise you? Do you experience (or someone that you know) uncontrollable anger that seems to escalate, or come suddenly? Is there even such a thing as "healthy" anger? Anger can cause all sorts of problems in your life that you may not even be aware of, […]
  • When Someone Dies 06/01/2020
    Grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things to endure. Leaving you with such an emptiness that you feel that you can no longer go on, or that you no longer have a purpose. In her therapy practice, Kathy White often helps her clients navigate this kind of trauma. […]
    As a psychotherapist, Kathy White gets asked this question quite often. It's easy to understand why, since the symptoms can seem very common to anyone who has a loved one experiencing similar difficulties. But, is the word, "bi-polar" actually over used? Do you suspect that someone close to you is experiencing depression, and maybe they […]
    Do you realize that you actually can have a successful relationship? No matter the number of failed past relationships, or if you seem to be struggling in a current relationship. Psychotherapist Kathy White lays out the ground work for what it takes to effectively keep a relationship going in a positive direction! Would you like […]
  • Stress FREE Communication 05/16/2020
    Are you sick and tired of every time you try to have a serious conversation with your spouse, or significant other, it turns into a heated argument? Learn the techniques and tools for getting what you need and want, in a respectful way! Psychotherapist Kathy White, along with co-host Kristin Clinton tackle a subject that […]
  • Sexual Abuse: Discerning and Protecting Yourself, Loved Ones, or Children 05/15/2020
    Not enough is being taught about this very serious and painful subject. Psychotherapist Kathy White has first hand experience with this matter. Not only as a therapist treating clients, but also as a mother who came to discover that her own daughter had, unbeknownst to her, experienced sexual abuse. In this episode, Kathy tells listeners […]
  • ANXIETY: What is Anxiety, Really? 05/04/2020
    Do you have anxiety and maybe you don't even realize it? Did you know that there are different kinds of anxiety? What are the tale-tale signs that you are dealing with anxiety? Do men manifest anxiety differently than women? Can children experience anxiety? We have a show for you that will hopefully, help you understand […]

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